Window cleaning is one of the ways that a facility keeps looking their best. Not only that, but clean windows are long-lasting windows, free of the kind of dirt and grime that cause scratches and scuffs. The best way to get your windows cleaned, without a doubt, is to hire a commercial window cleaning service. Here’s what you should look for in a quality commercial window cleaning company.

Use Minimal Soap (Or None at All)

There are a lot of powerful window cleaning solutions out there, many of which use solutions that are overpowering and unnecessary. 99.5% of windows can be properly cleaned using a bucket containing water, window cleaning solution, a soft clean cotton cloth, and a squeegee.

Bring a Scraper for Big Jobs

Most dollar stores these days sell simple flat metal scrapers, often in the kitchen section. These are wonderful for scraping grime and other solid substances off of the outside of windows before you start cleaning. But beware of scratching the glass, if possible use a plastic scraper.

Order Is Important

Always clean your windows from top to bottom and clean the exterior of your windows first.

The Master Stroke

When you clean the windows, always scrub in circles.It helps break down any grease and helps reduce streaking. Always wash in small portions and then immediately squeegee for the best results.

Washing windows takes skill and practice, but it can be time consuming and require you to purchase additional equipment or products. It might be in your best interest to turn to the commercial window cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Commercial Systems to get the job done quickly, easily, and effectively.