ServiceMaster Commercial Systems is an expert in keeping commercial offices clean and spotless, but one thing you most likely didn’t know, is that we do plenty to keep the quality of the air in your office clean and free of pollutants.

Allergies, colds, and harsh fumes, can all cause productivity levels of your employees to drop, which can affect your daily operations. As a reliable Bloomington cleaning service provider, we strive to keep your business operating efficiently in a safe and healthy work environment. That’s why with Bloomington green cleaning services from ServiceMaster Commercial Systems; we offer services to provide an eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical cleaners, to reduce pollution and to improve the air quality within your office.


Improving Air Quality

By avoiding the use of volatile organic cleansers and harsh chemicals in your workspace and instead opting for biodegradable green cleaners, this can greatly help reduce the amount of chemicals and fumes that are released into your air. Many of these harsh cleaners will emit artificial scents or fumes creating indoor air pollution and poor air quality within your office. The green products that we utilize do not contain heavy perfumes and are biodegradable, the ingredients within these products will safely decompose and breakdown without creating additional pollution or harmful side effects.

Aside from reducing pollution and improving indoor air quality, green cleaners also provide a number of beneficial advantages. In terms of sanitization and effectiveness, green cleaners are on par with their traditional chemical cleaner counterparts, and will remove germs and bacteria just as efficiently but without the need of harsh chemicals. In comparison to traditional chemical cleaners, green, eco-friendly cleaning products will not only eliminate germs, but it will help create a much safer and healthier working environment for you, your guests, and employees.

For a reliable Bloomington green cleaning service provider, contact ServiceMaster Commercial Systems. We’re the experts for quality janitorial services and with our green cleaning services, we’ll not only make your office spotless but we’ll help improve the overall condition of your commercial facility.