Healthcare centers are facilities that specifically cater to individuals who’s health ranges from healthy to ill. With every individual who enters a healthcare facility, it is critical for the facility to be properly maintained to ensure the safety of the patients as well as the employees or any guests. Generally any person in a clinic or hospital with an ailment has a weakened body or immune system, making them easily susceptible to germs and bacteria. In a medical or healthcare facility, the last thing you want to do is spread germs from one patient to another or to an employee that treats several patients a day.

In Bloomington, Minnesota and the surrounding areas, healthcare centers of all types can rely on the professional janitorial services provided by ServiceMaster Commercial Systems. We offer high quality janitorial cleaning services to the Bloomington area. Not only will we meet and exceed your expectations, but we pay special attention to details to ensure that your facility is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in order to create a healthy environment for your patients and employees. With our comprehensive services, we’ll be sure to remove dirt, dust, utilize HEPA filtered vacuums, and thoroughly sanitize surfaces to ensure that germs and bacteria are eliminated.

To take our services for medical centers another level, we utilize green cleaning alternatives in combination to our janitorial cleaning services in the Bloomington area. We use eco-friendly green cleaning products that will help reduce pollution by eliminating toxic fumes while improving indoor air quality and effectively clean and sanitize surfaces. With the use of green products, not only will your facility be sanitized and clean, but you will also be doing your part in helping sustain our environments.

In Bloomington, MN, medical facilities can rely on ServiceMaster Commercial Systems for high quality healthcare center janitorial cleaning services. We know and understand the special attention medical facilities require in comparison to business offices, and we’ll do everything possible to help create a safe and healthy environment with our expert cleaning services. Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Systems today to begin or to learn more about our Bloomington healthcare cleaning services.