All winter, you’ve been protecting your employees and visitors from harm with salt and chemical compounds designed to prevent ice and snow from building up on your sidewalks and in your parking lot. As winter winds to a close, it’s time to think about protecting your carpets with a deep cleaning. As your staff and guests come safely into your building, they bring de-icing agents and particles from outside in with them. All winter, these chemicals from de-icing the parking lot and sidewalks have built up in your carpets. The chemicals can harm the carpet fibers by stripping them of their protective coating and make the carpet look dingy. A Twin Cities commercial carpet cleaning is the key to a crisp-looking carpet and professional business facility appearance.

The end of winter is in sight, and it’s time to schedule your commercial carpet cleaning to restore the appearance of your carpet and remove harmful de-icing chemicals to protect your investment. The longer you wait, the deeper the chemicals reach into your carpet fibers and the greater the damage. Act now to have your commercial carpets thoroughly cleaned by the Twin Cities janitorial cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Systems.

To schedule your free carpet cleaning estimate, contact our team of commercial cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Commercial Systems. Call now to find out how we can help!