MINNEAPOLIS — Office cleaning isn’t exactly the most glamorous profession, but around the Twin Cities, we cleaning crews take a lot of pride in knowing our craft. So when we receive a request from a business owner, there are several instances about carpet cleaning and carpet damage.

To keep business owners and property managers aware, here are the most common items that make your carpets less pretty:


Very simple, dirt, mud, grime, or filth, is almost always tracked in from the outside on people’s feet, and it is the main culprit causing carpet stains and damages, ultimately shortening the life of your carpets.

Chemical Spills

In most settings, ‘chemical spills’ often refers to accidental spills of bleach or other cleaning products, but there are several other chemicals that can instantly or permanently damage or discolor your carpeting. Unfortunately, there’s no real repair if a chemical dyes your carpeting, you will either have to bear with the stain or wait until you are ready to install new carpeting or flooring for your office.

Furniture Damage

Any heavy piece of furniture, such as moveable desks or couches in lobbies, can cause long-term structural damage to a carpet’s fibers and back-weave. Holes created by furniture can sometimes be repaired by patchwork or sewing, but in most cases your best bet is to cover up the spot with a different piece of furniture.

Shoes and Foot Traffic

In an office environment, foot traffic is one of the worst culprits carpet damage. With several people entering and leaving your office and the types of shoes people are wearing such as high heels, rubber-soled sneakers, and dress shoes, all take a toll on carpeting. Also take into consideration all of the dirt and soil that is tracked into your office as well.

Fortunately having your carpets cared for on a routine basis can greatly help prolong the life of your carpeting and their endurance to foot traffic, furniture, and other items. With the carpet cleaning services of ServiceMaster Commercial Systems, we can help care for the carpeting in your office with excellent results.