In Bloomington, Minnesota, several offices on a daily basis become cluttered with unwanted paper products, paper cups, and other debris. That is the main reason why your office may have hired a professional janitorial crew to keep your office well maintained and spotless. But to help keep your office well maintained throughout the entire day, here are some helpful tips you can implement throughout your office to keep your work space cleaner and appear more organized.


Develop Office-Wide Habits

Remind all of your employees that they have a basic responsibility to their work environment. They should each spend a few minutes out of their day to cleanup their desk or personal workspace. Using dust or cleaning wipes to wipe down their desk, computer accessories, doorknobs, light switches, or any other surface they may come into contact with. This is not just for appearances, but from a health perspective, your employees can help reduce the spread of germs and viruses that may cause illnesses.


Avoid Eating at Workstations

By having designated eating areas, you reduce the chances of carpet spills and stains, riddling floors with crumbs, and creating a cleaner personal workspace. Eating at one’s desk leads to grease stained keyboards and lost food falling underneath desks and tables that can rot or emit foul odors. By containing the consumption of food in one area, you’d be surprised at how much cleaner your office and floors may be.


Prepare Your Office for the Next Week

Every Friday before your employees leave for the weekend, have employees take a few minutes to wipe down their computer, monitor, keyboard, telephone, lamp, tabletops, and anything else in their personal area. This can prevent the spread of germs, reduce dust buildup, and prepare your personal workspace for the upcoming week, instead of returning to a cluttered desk.


Remember to Discard Items Properly

Ensure that any food, drinks, wrappers, or any other items on your desk or floor are placed in the designated trash or recycle bin. If you leave these items on your desk, especially food and drink items, your inviting insects and bacteria into your work area. Also if food or drink items are left ignored long enough, it can begin to mold and emit foul odors. Remember to discard all food and unwanted items into their proper trash or recycling bins.


Be Considerate of the Janitor

Remind your employees to cleanup after themselves when possible, by properly discarding items, picking up items that have fallen onto the ground such as staples, pens, sticky notes, and try to keep food within lunch or break rooms. It may be a janitor’s duties to keep your office spotless, but they have several other tasks to complete in a limited amount of time during the evenings and if you do not have a daytime porter, you may need a group effort from your employees to ensure that your office is clean and organized during the day.

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