Innovation & Industry Leadership

ServiceMaster’s research and development teams are always hard at work discovering new and innovative means of solving problems.

  • ServiceMaster recognized the need for a disinfectant that would successfully combat HIV and rose to the challenge! We had the first EPA registered disinfectant in the United States proven to be effective against HIV.
  • Even back in the 1930s, ServiceMaster was already making waves in the cleaning industry. We were one of the companies that developed the in home, in business onsite carpet cleaning system – prior to that carpets /rugs had to be removed to a rug cleaning plant – cleaned and then brought back to the home or business.
  • ServiceMaster developed the first solvent-based upholstery cleaner able to be mixed with water. The product is very effective against oily types of soil often found on carpets and upholstery.

We have many industry leading processes or industry firsts that are used by thousands of technicians in millions of homes and businesses today.

Staff & Service Fleet Standing by to Help

ServiceMaster has one of the largest service delivery fleets in the US. With this many vehicles, “We certainly can serve you!”

  • In this day and age when immediate response is required, you need a vendor that has the asset capability, technical expertise and professional response to depend upon. With our fleet of vehicles we can respond wherever we are needed — any normal cleaning project or disaster issue wherever we are needed.

ServiceMaster employs and manages approximately 44,000 associates around the United States and Canada.

  • There are very few cleaning tasks that we cannot deal with. Whether it is in extremely cold and dry northland or the southern states with high humidity and heat, we have the expertise and equipment to successfully clean it all.